COMMERCIAL APPLIANCE REPAIR IN SAN BERNANDINOThe value of commercial appliances to many businesses throughout America cannot be underestimated.  Without washing machines and dryers, for instance laundromats cannot run. Hotels and restaurants, on the other hand, need ranges, stoves ovens and dishwashers to stay operational while refrigerators and freezers are indispensable to grocery stores that stock perishable supplies like dairy products, meat, fruits and vegies. Most top of the line commercial appliances do not come cheap, so it’s only natural that business owners would do what it takes to hold onto them for as long as possible. That means putting proper care and maintenance first. Of course, it’s still to be expected that all appliances will occasionally become defective. As you already know, a broken appliance can have devastating consequences if the problem is not addressed both quickly and appropriately. Here are some of the reasons why.

The Importance of Dealing with Commercial Appliance Defects

For many businesses, commercial appliances are the backbone of operations. A major breakdown of these appliances can therefore spell disaster. Without a properly working range, you can’t prepare most of the foods you need to serve in your kitchen. That translates to lost revenue and, worse still, lost clients. A crashed refrigeration system could mean massive losses of foodstuffs in your grocery store. Where the defective appliance is a stove with electrical problems, then what you have is a huge fire hazard that puts you, your staff members and customers in serious health risk.

So What Should You Do?

The first solution some people think of is replacing the appliance altogether. Of course, that means spending a significant amount of money, given that top quality commercial appliances can set you back at least several thousand dollars. That’s not the amount of money you want to use up whenever one of your appliances has a defect. In fact, not many businesses can spend that much money frequently and still remain profitable. The good news, of course, is that the majority of the defects on commercial appliances are easily and affordably reparable, provided you are working with the right commercial appliance repair company. When one of your commercial appliances is acting up, contact us at San Bernardino Appliance Repair to help you out.

Why Choose Us

San Bernardino Appliance Repair has, since the very beginning, guaranteed top notch appliance repair service for residents and business owners in San Bernardino and beyond. We have a large team of some of the most highly qualified technicians in all of North America. We ensure that each of our experts is EPA certified and has the necessary experience to completely restore your commercial appliances. Therefore, you can be sure that no matter how seriously damaged your appliance seems, we’ll get it to perfect working order. We specialize in the following services, among others:

  • Commercial washer repair
  • Commercial ice maker repair
  • Commercial freezer repair
  • Commercial stove and range repair
  • Commercial dryer repair

Not only are we capable of handling any repair issue your commercial appliances have, we also guarantee to do it within the shortest time possible. That’s because we understand that your business depends on the efficient working of your appliances. We usually have a same-day service policy that we strictly stick to. When you call us, one of our very friendly technicians immediately takes your details and dispatches a highly competent technician to your store or to help you out. We always thoroughly inspect your appliance before recommending a lasting solution for it. To make sure that there won’t be any nasty surprises on your bill, we usually provide an all-inclusive quote for the repair expenses upfront. You’ll find that our rates are remarkably pocket-friendly. We believe that the best appliance repair service does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  We’re sure you’ll agree. Once you give us the greenlight to proceed with repairs, we’ll get everything done in an hour or loss. Worried about your clients and employees getting distracted while we’re there? No need to be. We always work very quietly, quickly, and discreetly. As soon as we’re through fixing your appliance, we’ll tidy up the area. You’ll be pleased you called us.

We Repair All Brands

Our technicians can competently handle a host of the leading appliance brands, including Bosch, Wolf, Sears, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, Asko, Subzero, Dacor, DCS, Samsung, Kenmore, American Range, Scotsman, Jenn-air, Maytag, Electrolux, Frigidaire, Amana GE, True, Westinghouse, Vikings, Marvel, Fisher, Paykel, Monogram, U-line, and others.

Our services are available 24/7.

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