REFRIGERATOR REPAIR IN SAN BERNANDINORefrigerators have been around for a long time, and it’s easy to see why these appliances are so popular with homeowners and business owners in America. These devices are designed for keeping food supplies and other products in good condition for considerably longer than they would usually last in normal temperatures. That’s what makes refrigerators such a darling for people who love to shop for veggies, fruits and dairy products in bulk. These appliances are also a hit with people who keep a garden at home and regularly have fresh foods from the garden they’d like to preserve, or passionate hunters with lots of meat they need to keep fresh. And if you run a food store and usually have significant amounts of perishable foods that are part of your stock, then an efficient commercial fridge is a must have. Such hardworking appliances, obviously, deserve proper care if you are intent on getting the best out of them for a considerable amount of time. That means constantly looking out for defects on your fridge and addressing them promptly. So what fridge defects should you be wary of?

Top Refrigerator Problems to Watch Out For

No matter what type, brand, or model of fridge you own, you’ll still need to prepare for some of the common defects that you’re likely to encounter at some point in the life of your appliance. These include:

  • Your fridge will not start
  • The appliance will start and stop abruptly
  • Your fridge does not cool as it’s supposed to
  • The fridge takes a lot of time to cool
  • The appliance leaks water or coolant
  • The fridge is noisy when running
  • The appliance is producing an unpleasant smell
  • The light of the appliance is not working
  • The door of the appliance is defective

After you have become aware of these problems, you need to take action right away. The last thing you want is to allow a defect in your appliance to escalate, forcing to pay an arm and a leg to rectify the situation. Besides, think of the losses you stand to incur with all the food in your fridge spoilt. And if your fridge keeps making irritating noise or is leaking water onto your floors, is it really an appliance you want to keep in your house? The great news is that there’s always something you can do to get things back in order.

Here’s What Can Do Once Your Fridge Is Defective

The moment you realize that your fridge is acting up, you can choose between two solutions to address the situation. The first, and by far the most expensive approach, is to replace the appliance altogether. Buying a brand new refrigerator will usually set you back several hundred dollars. If you are like most people, you don’t want to spend all that money whenever there’s a problem with your fridge. The second option is to find a professional fridge repair technician to troubleshoot your appliance and provide a solution for the problem. Once your fridge starts giving you problems, you can call us at San Bernardino Appliance Repair to help you out.

Why Choose Us

At San Bernardino Appliance Repair, we have been providing dependable appliance repair and maintenance services for years. We serve thousands of residents and business owners in San Bernardino and beyond. We have some of the best appliance repair technicians in the industry, so you can be sure that no matter how tough the problem on your freezer seems, we’ll still fix it. We make sure that every technician working in our company is EPA certified. We also usually provide same day service to make sure you don’t have to face another day with a broken freezer. Once we’ve assessed your freezer and determined a lasting solution for it, we provide an all-inclusive estimate for the repair costs upfront. This way, you won’t need to worry about additional, surprise expenses when the task is complete. You’ll notice from the quote we give you that our rates are remarkably pocket friendly. We also insist on always using original, factory-approved replacement parts.

We Repair All Brands

Each week, our technicians help restore household and commercial appliances from all leading brands including Kitchen Aid, Bosch, Whirlpool, Viking, Scotsman, Electrolux, Gibson, LG, Tappan, Caloric, Coleman, Samsung, Westinghouse, Westinghouse, HEIL, YORK, Amana, True and many more.

Besides appliance repair, we are also capable of competently providing maintenance services for all your appliances.

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